Amalia Day Spa Skin & Body Care

Amalia Day Spa skin care range is created and produced in Australia.  Great skin makes you feel good and Amalia Day Spa skin care covers all of the essential needs that your skin will love.


If you are unsure what you need or having trouble with skin care Amalia can personalise a product or skin care pack for you!


Primrose Milk Cleanser for dry/mautre skin

A rich, light, cream-based formula for a gentle cleanse, perfect for dry/mature skin types.

Lavander & Lime Balancing Milk Cleanser

Balancing Lime and Lavander Milk Cleansing lotion for oily and combination skin, a natural effective cleanser.

Balancing Toner

This lotion helps to restore pH balance and refine pores after cleansing. Feels naturally refreshing on all skin types.

Hydrating Lotion 

A non-clogging gel-lotion containing Soya lecithin and vitamin supplements to firm and hydrate.  Containing hyaluronic acid and omega fatty acids, delicately scented with sweet orange, bergamot, and mandarin.

Nourishing Day Cream

This rich cream is highly recommended for dry, dehydrated complexions.  Easily absorbed it contains Vitamins A, D & E, plus wheat germ oil for maximum results.

Super Nourishing Night Cream

A balanced blend of collagen and elastin to maintain skin’s youthful elasticity.  Especially beneficial around eyes, lips, neck and bust areas, this protein-rich replenisher is suitable for most skin types, especially dry and sun damaged skin.

Mint, Almond & Basil Exfoliating Mask

An invigorating mask designed to eliminate surface impurities.  The exfoliating qualities of crushed almonds makes it gentle enough to use frequently while the active ingredients stimulate tired and jaded complexions.

Macadamia Mask

The vital components of this skin-quenching treatment are protein, E and B group vita, ins and minerals plus macadamia oil.  Apply lavishly as often as desired on face, neck, bust and shoulders, for a velvety feel. Soothing on all skin types.

Parsley and White Clay Mask

A soothing and purifying mask for sensitive, florid and combination skin.  This calming herbal blend is ideal for complexions which react to temperature changes. Reduces high colour and creates a sensation of coolness.  The mineral rich Kaolin White Clay is excellent to purify the skin.

Active Repair Treatment Mask

Designed to improve the general vitality and restore skin functions when undergoing seasonal, environmental or hormonal changes.  This mask consists of a series of up to 3 applications.  Depending on the condition of your skin.  It is recommended to use the Hydrating Lotion after.

Spot Treatment 

This healing ointment contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients to fight and conceal blemishes on all skin types.