Take the time to breathe deeply and allow yourself to be treated generously. Depending on your mood and the demands of the day, choose between the highest level of relaxation and our shorter on-the-run-Treatments.

All the treatments are carried out using the exclusive brand cosmetics Elemis Body Exotics and AMALIA DAY SPA Skin Care. These are individually matched, can calm or stimulate, and act in balance across all the senses.

Here, I offer classical facial treatments, sensational body scrubs and massages from traditions around the world as well as complete signature and spa treatments.

In addition to exceptional practices and beauty rituals based on this traditional philosophy, Amalia Day Spa also offers classical facial and body treatments of the highest quality harmony and mental well being.

At Amalia Day Spa experience an intimate and magical escape from urban lifestyle.

With five star service geared to delight your senses and relieve your soul.

Take the time to heal and restore.