Body Care


The body is capable of losing 0.5kg of toxins a day and body brushing will go a long way in assisting this process.

A bristle gets circulation back on track and increases lymphatic flow while ridding the skin of dead cells. Dry-brushing the skin every day before showering will increase firmness and tone, encouraging cellulite deposits and areas of congestion to disperse. Not only does your body look better, energy and immunity levels go up. Plus it helps get rid of ingrown hairs.

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Starting from the soles of the feet and using light strokes, brush in an upward motion following the blood flow towards the heart. Give particularly dry areas and cellulite special attention, but don’t scrub. Follow with a shower using a detox oil, focusing on the abdomen and back to stimulate the digestive system.

It’s important to use a brush that has natural bristles and to replace it after a year. A simple method that goes a very long way to a healthy body inside and out.

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