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Summer will soon be on its way which means now is the time to take a closer look at your skincare routine. Every seasonal change means its time to take a closer look at your skin and see what it really needs. It is important in spring to make sure you have the essentials to keep your skin protected and your complexion glowing throughout the months ahead. Changing seasons mean changes in the condition of your skin; warm weather, for example, can cause skin to become oilier while the low humidity of winter can leave skin drier and tighter than usual.

To help you step into the new season with a glow, I’ve put together my top tips for healthy skin.


Look at the texture of the product that you’re using.

Rich creams are the perfect choice during winter weather but can be too much for the warmer months. Switch to a lighter textured face cream like Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and a body lotion that has more of a cooling balm texture to keep skin hydrated without causing an over-production of natural oils. You may be introducing sun protection and self tanning products that can also cause the skin on both the face and body to become congested, blemished and shiny. Use a skin cloth or mitt as part of your cleansing routine to ensure your face is completely free of dull skin-causing dirt and build up, now is the time to introduce double cleansing if you haven’t already. I love to cleanse with the Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil to really lift out the impurities and break down make up, follow with a treatment cleanser like Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm. My top spring tip would be to try our range of body oils as they are so light and actually perfect for the spring and summer. They leave the skin with the most amazing finish making it feel smoother, softer and more hydrated with a subtle light-reflecting glow.





Body Brush

Daily dry body brushing will help stimulate circulation, combat ingrown hairs and clogged pores, and reduce the appearance of uneven orange peel skin. Use a body brush with natural bristles which is gentler on the skin, like our Body Detox Skin Brush, and brush in long upward strokes towards the heart prior to showering.




Exfoliating the face and body twice weekly will remove dry, dull skin and allow your products to penetrate more efficiently. Look for products containing fruit enzymes, jojoba beads or sea salt to re-mineralise, as these offer effective exfoliation without causing scratches or damaging skin’s fine capillaries through excessive abrasion. At ELEMIS we have a whole library of textures that will suit all skin types and this simple step really is the secret to getting that glow.

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Try to use an SPF every day to protect against UV rays, which can cause premature ageing and damage which appears as pigmentation. You should do this all year round, try and get into the habit of including it in your routine. If you want to give your skin an added surge of hydration and a touch of instant radiance use our Pro-Radiance Illuminating Balm. Simply apply after your moisturiser as a final step before you apply your chosen make-up base or you can even mix it in with your favourite foundation, tinted moisturiser, or BB Cream. Your skin will have a luminosity about it and people will want to know what your secret is; you decide if you want to share it!


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