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Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules are anti-oxidant rich oil capsules that work to deliver glowing, purified skin when used as a 30 day treatment programme – every morning and evening. Join in the 30 day Skin Bliss Capsules  challenge!

Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules are designed to help detoxify the skin, protecting it from the stresses and strain of everyday life. These powerful capsules containing Moringa Oil, help protect and balance the skin creating an effective base for the nutrients to be absorbed from your moisturiser. Anti-oxidants help physically diminish the visible signs of ageing, lines, wrinkles and dull skin, by sweeping clean the network of skin cells. I like to say it ‘hoovers up’ all the oxidants in the skin.


The winning formulation in Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules contains a potent, age-defying ingredient, Moringa oil; a pure stain-smooth oil that has been used by African women for centuries to preserve, nourish and protect the skin. The oil is extracted from the Tanzanian tree, locally referred to as the ‘Miracle Tree‘ because of its unique properties.

Anti-oxidants physically help with the visible signs of ageing, lines, wrinkles and dull skin, by sweeping clean the network of skin cells, helping rid it of harmful toxins and making a clear pathway for nutrients. Youthful plumpness and elasticity are restored, as the skin glows with renewed health and beauty.


These powerful capsules to help increase the production of endorphins, the ‘Bliss’ hormones. The sensory experience created by the signature aromas provides a beautiful aromatherapeutic effect.


PINK CAPSULE: Rose capsules contain a blend of pure Moringa oil and Rose absolute, formulated to provide the skin with maximum renewing and revitalising energy throughout the day. This oil helps with the micro-circulation at a deeper cellular level, enhancing the anti-oxidant effects and encouraging the natural skin recovery process.

How to use: Apply after cleansing and toning, follow with your daily moisturiser.



GREEN CAPSULE: Lavender capsules contain a blend of Moringa oil and Lavender essential oil to help restore cell equilibrium and maximise cellular repair overnight. Stressed skin cells benefit naturally and begin to fully absorb the potent antioxidant power.

How to use: Apply after cleansing and toning, follow with your night moisturiser.



To maximise the anti-ageing effects of these oils, world renowned expert Noella Gabriel has devised an easy to follow Cellular Recovery at-home facial massage.

Choose your capsules according to the time of day; pink for the morning and green at night. Twist off the tip of one capsule and warm the contents between your palms, Smooth on to cleansed skin, following the directions below.



01STEP 1 Close eyes and cup hands over the face. Breathe deeply to fully benefit from the signature aromas.




02STEP 2 Massage temple pressure points slowly using the small circular movements with fingers.




03STEP 3 Using firm finger pressure, sweep two fingers smoothly from the tip of the chin to the ears; from the nose along the cheekbones to the outer corner of the eyes, and finally from one side of the forehead to the other. Repeat until the oil is fully absorbed.




04STEP 4 Lightly tap the entire face with ‘rain drop’ finger movements to stimulate local micro-circulation.




05STEP 5 Finally, massage excess oil into the back of your hands and gently sweep up the neck in a rolling motion.




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    1. Hi Anna

      Thank you for your quirey, The Cellular Recovery Caps are for external use only, Uniquely formulated with optimum levels of antioxidant power of moniga oil. Elemis uses medical grade extracts which is what makes these capsules work so well. The price is $185 for the 30 days, which includes 60 caps, this will not only heal your skin but also restore any cellular damage, leaving your skin clear and glowing.

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