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One of the cornerstones of a good skin care regime is that skin wellness starts with great cleansing.  Get your cleanse correct, and you’ll immediately boost whichever serums or moisturisers you choose to follow it with.

With our diverse selection of Elemis cleansers at your fingertips,  there’s something to satisfy every woman, skin type and seasonal requirement.

If you are unsure which cleanser would suit your skin best,  Please feel free to contact us online or in person to select the right one for you – then elevate the results with the tips and techniques that our expert therapists swear by.

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1. Do the double: Once the slightly troublesome chore of skincare, effective cleansing has really grown in stature thanks to the support of expert dermatologists and facial therapists.  As a result, the advice is to do not one, but two cleanses each time.  Start with an oil-based cleanser to loosen modern longwear and waterproof make-up formulations. Rinse, then follow with another gel, cream or foam wash of your choice.  Always use a cleansing cloth to ensure every last trace of make-up and product is removed efficiently.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm ELEMIS White Brightening Skin Tone Cleanser Texture

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Texture
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

ELEMIS White Brightening Skin Tone Cleanser Texture
White Brightening Even Tone Foaming Cleanser


2. Think about temperature: Too hot and the water you cleanse with can damage the skin surface. Too cold and it may cause dehydration. So pick the middle ground with some lukewarm water and you’ll get it just right.


3. Beware of bacteria: Professional therapists are sticklers for hygiene – and rightly so. Yet most of us are significantly more lax when we’re in our own homes. A family hand or bath towel can easily be riddled with bacteria that will cause facial breakouts.  So keep a towel exclusively for your face and be sure to wash it regularly.


4. The ideal dose: The rule of thumb here is to use around a two penny piece sized of product.  It’s easy to think that when it comes to cleanser, ‘the more the better’.  The truth is that a small amount of product will cleanse effectively, minimise the risk of product residues – and save you money in the long run.

00159_White_Brightening_Even_Tone_Cleanser 00166 00302


5. Onwards and upwards: Not only will massaging your cleanser in ensure that it’s distributed smoothly and evenly across the whole face, but it’ll also boost blood circulation and in turn, bolster the oxygen and nutrients delivered to the skin.  Start in the centre of the face and work in an upward and outwards direction with just enough pressure so as not to actually drag the skin.



6. Don’t neglect your neck: It’s all too easy to focus on the face to the detriment of our poor necks. Yet as they’re exposed to the elements and urban pollution in just the same way that our faces are, necks really do need to be cleansed properly.



7. Make a splash: And finally – the all-important rinse. Because it defeats the cleansing object if a residue of product is left on the surface of the skin.  So splash and rinse super well then follow with your favourite serum or moisturiser.




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